Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance

Fifth Annual Meeting of the GISD Alliance

Event Date: End Date: | 09:00 am - 05:00 pm EDT

The global economic and financial environment poses formidable challenges to advancing sustainable development objectives. Investment in areas like sustainable infrastructure, education, health, the green economy, and climate action is key to achieving the SDGs. The SDG investment gap has grown from $2.5 trillion in 2015 to $4 trillion in 2023. Closing this gap requires a significant scaling up of both public and private investment, particularly in developing countries.

The United Nations Secretary-General recently released two ambitious proposals to raise financing for the SDGs. The SDG Stimulus calls for rapidly scaling up public and private finance for sustainable development by at least $500 billion per year. The Policy Brief on Reforms to the International Financial Architecture (IFA) presents a set of ambitious proposals on international financial architecture needed to achieve the SDGs. Both proposals require strong private sector contributions. 

At the fifth Annual Meeting, the Alliance will identify challenges to scaling up private investment in the SDGs, develop creative solutions to address these challenges, provide advice to the Secretary-General, and advocate for reforms to the system. Members of the GISD Alliance will also participate in a discussion with UN Member States that builds on the recommendations put forward in the Secretary-General's SDG Stimulus and Policy Brief on Reforms to the IFA.

Co-Chairs Ms. Leila Fourie (CEO of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) and Mr. Jose Vinals (Group Chairman of Standard Chartered) and Assistant Secretary-General Mr. Navid Hanif will brief the media as guests of the Spokesperson's Daily Briefing on the outcomes of the Annual Meeting.

Finally, a luncheon will be held with invited guests from across the UN system, UN Member States, the GISD Alliance, and the wider business community.

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