Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance

Infosys measures its SDG performance using GISD metrics

Oct 18, 2022

GISD's metrics have helped Infosys, an Alliance member and digital services multinational company, to measure its company SDG performance in a more granular fashion. Infosys first published a sustainability report in 2007/8, using sector-agnostic metrics to measure performance across environmental impact, human rights adherence, labor practices, and economic performance.

GISD’s metrics are sector-specific and thus more adapted to risks and impacts particular to Infosys. In this case study, Infosys talks about how it has adopted these metrics in its most recent ESG report. Covering 2021/22, the report is aligned with the impact themes recommended by GISD members for the information technology sector: education, climate change mitigation, access to work opportunities, and technology governance.

The case study concludes with a series of lessons learnt by Infosys while adopting GISD’s metrics. Some metrics will need to be interpreted to reflect local realities, and quantitative metrics should be paired with qualitative ones. Metrics should also be complemented by public target-setting.