Members of the GISD Alliance join the Impact Disclosure Taskforce to scale financing of the SDGs

  • The Impact Disclosure Taskforce (the "Taskforce") was established to promote transparency and accountability among corporates and sovereigns regarding their intentions and progress towards advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The guidance supports entities committed to addressing development needs and reducing global inequality to access growing pools of sustainable capital
  • The Taskforce anticipates releasing the voluntary Impact Disclosure Guidance for public consultation in April 2024

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Op-ed by Jose Vinals, Group Chairman of Standard Chartered and GISD Alliance Co-Chair

In an op-ed for The Business Times (Singapore), GISD Alliance Co-Chair Jose Vinals (Group Chairman of Standard Chartered) urges the investor community to embrace a new era of sustainable development investing: "to meet the challenges facing us, we must reject the false choice between profits and principles. There is a path forward that can unleash the power of private capital to make our world more sustainable and our lives more equitable." 

Infosys measures its SDG performance using GISD metrics

GISD's metrics have helped Infosys, an Alliance member and digital services multinational company, to measure its company SDG performance in a more granular fashion. Infosys first published a sustainability report in 2007/8, using sector-agnostic metrics to measure performance across environmental impact, human rights adherence, labor practices, and economic performance.

Joint Statement by the Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance

We, the Global Investors for Sustainable Development (GISD) Alliance, reiterate our full support to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs remain the blueprint to navigate these turbulent times. They can guide us back on course towards a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

Photo credit: UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

UN entities share their vision for the ISSB standards

Several UN entities have produced a joint statement that puts forward their vision to create a sustainability reporting framework, which is fit-for-purpose and supportive of globally agreed ambitions and goals.

The statement highlights the need for a holistic and forward-looking approach to assessing enterprise value, which would enable a company and its investors to account for uncertainty linked to sustainability risks and opportunities.

Aware Super integrates the SDI definition into its due diligence

In 2018, Aware Super, a GISD member and pension fund based in Australia with approximately AUD$150 billion in assets, set a goal of strengthening its measurement of environmental and social impact and linkages to the SDGs.

As a means of strengthening this measurement, Aware Super incorporated the SDI definition into its investment due diligence. The SDI assessment is completed by the Responsible Investment team and is applied to prospective private market investments, consisting of infrastructure, property, and private equity assets.